Albert H. Vette
Past Research
Spinal Reflex Studies

I have collaborated on a project that investigated how plantar cutaneous afferents from the foot sole adjust motoneuronal excitability by modulating the level of both pre- and postsynaptic inhibition. Most of the previous work that examines the role of plantar cutaneous afferents within the spinal interneuronal circuits used the H-reflex. However, it is not widely explored to what extent plantar cutaneous afferents modulate the stretch reflex and how the modulation of the two reflexes differs. As such, multiple studies have been undertaken to clarify (1) the role of plantar cutaneous afferents in modulating the soleus stretch reflex; and (2) the effect of electrical stimulation of plantar cutaneous afferents on the excitability of the stretch and H-reflex based on congruent protocols. Building upon the outcome of these studies, we are currently designing experiments to investigate the contribution of each reflex mechanism to the control of gait and posture, especially during unexpected perturbations.

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