Albert H. Vette
Work in Progress
Currently Reviewed Journal Articles:

[JR-1]        A. Mansfield, C. J. Danells, A. H. Vette, and W. E. McIlroy, “Does seated balance control early post-stroke predict recovery of standing?,” Submitted to the ‘Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy’ in July 2013.

[JR-2]        B. Lakhani, D. A. E. Bolton, V. Miyasike-daSilva, A. H. Vette, and W. E. McIlroy, “Speed of processing in the primary motor cortex: a continuous theta burst stimulation study,” Submitted to ‘Experimental Brain Research’ in August 2013.

[JR-3]        J. F. Tan, K. Masani, A. H. Vette, J. Zariffa, M. Robinson, C. Lynch, and M. R. Popovic, “Inverted pendulum standing apparatus for investigating closed-loop control of ankle joint muscle contractions during functional electrical stimulation,” Submitted to the ‘ASME Journal of Medical Devices’ in August 2013.

[JR-4]        A. H. Vette, K. Masani, N. Wu, and M. R. Popovic, “Multidirectional quantification of trunk stiffness and damping during unloaded natural sitting,” Submitted to ‘Medical Engineering & Physics’ in December 2012 (revision).

Journal Articles in Preparation:

[JP-1]        A. H. Vette, N. Wu, K. Masani, and M. R. Popovic, “Functional electrical stimulation increases multidirectional trunk stiffness and damping in able-bodied individuals during sitting,” Submission to ‘Clinical Biomechanics’ in September 2013.

[JP-2]        A. H. Vette, T. Yoshida, K. Masani, T. A. Thrasher, V. Sin, and M. R. Popovic, “Characterization of the lumbar and cervical joint torques during sitting following multidirectional perturbations: a case study,” Submission to ‘Medical Engineering & Physics’ in October 2013.

[JP-3]        K. Masani, A. H. Vette, and M. R. Popovic, “Ankle stiffness variability in the elderly affects their stability during upright standing,” Submission to ‘Gait and Posture’ in October 2013.

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